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The Law Office of Aaron Black announces their new office location in Phoenix, AZ

The Law Office of Aaron M. Black has recently moved to a new location in Phoenix, AZ. Their new office is located at 4520 N. 12th Street, Suite 101 and although they have moved, Aaron Black’s job defending clients who are facing criminal charges remains the same.

Aaron Black has built his career as a criminal defense attorney defending clients accused of serious criminal offenses in Phoenix and surrounding areas. Aaron went into private practice in 2011. His mission is to keep his clients out of jail and get the charges reduced or dismissed entirely.

Personal, Legal Representation

With a focus on DUI Defense Aaron has spent countless hours in the courtroom, argued over 50 jury trials, tried over 100 bench trials giving him invaluable insight into the legal system and making him one of the premier defense attorneys in Phoenix, Arizona.

Aaron has successfully defended clients against serious criminal charges including a DUI, theft, assault, possession of marijuana and manslaughter.

Defending individuals in all Arizona federal, state and city courts, Aaron represents a limited number of clients at any given time which allows him to provide the personalized service that you expect from a DUI attorney.

Beyond a reasonable doubt

Understanding that good people sometimes find themselves in bad situations Aaron does not care if his client committed a crime. In fact, it’s not even a question he asks. Aaron looks at his job as a check and balance on the Police, Prosecution, and the Courts and his focus is on determining if the Government can prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt.

When your freedom is at risk, experience in the courtroom matters. Aaron Black will “Deliver Justice and Defend Your Freedom.”

The Law Office of Aaron Black’s location may be new, but you can still contact him at (480)729-1683 for a free consultation or visit to learn more.