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Custom Designed Overhead Garage Storage Solutions in Phoenix, AZ

Affordable Ceiling Storage Racks has been serving Phoenix Valley including Prescott, Wickenburg, Maricopa and Florence, AZ since 2011. Our overhead garage storage solutions and steel shelving are designed to help you reclaim your garage floor.

Custom manufactured ceiling racks

Kevin Reid, the owner of Affordable Ceiling Storage Racks, designed the garage storage systems that we install after a stint installing factory made ceiling racks in garages.

Although factory made ceiling racks suit most organizational needs, our ceiling racks are 100% customizable on premise and each 4’ x 8’ Ceiling rack evenly distributed can hold up to 600 lbs. and our heavy duty shelving units can hold up to 2000 lbs.

Although it may seem simple from the outside looking in, our design and the way we do things continually evolves and improves due to Kevin’s commitment to being the best.

Professional installation from beginning to end

At Affordable Ceiling Storage Racks, we keep our installations simple. We complete our prep work before beginning the installation utilizing our simplified processes that make installations quick, affordable and headache free for everyone!

From making brackets to rounding edges on support pieces and cutting common sizes needed for the installation, you can count Affordable Ceiling Storage Racks to provide you with the additional space you need to reclaim your garage all at an affordable price.

Custom garage storage racks

In addition to our lifetime warranty on all of our products and workmanship, Affordable Ceiling Storage Racks are entirely customizable on premise. No need to special order storage racks or delay the project; we can take care of the customization on the day that we install your ceiling mounted shelves.

With the ability to make any size shelving in 1” increments, no matter how you visualize consolidating your items we can make it happen!

Affordable Ceiling Storage Racks has grown to meet demand in our ever growing Valley of the Sun. With four vehicles heading out every day to serve customers, to date, we have installed over 10,000 garage shelving units!

Contact Affordable Ceiling Storage Racks to learn more about our custom garage ceiling racks by visiting today!