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Does your Business have the Right People on the Bus?

Is your business stuck, stalled, or off track?

Has your business hit the wall, or did your business failings hit you?

Let’s face it running a business is tough, after all, if it was easy…everyone would be doing it.

R. Mike Derryberry’s new book, Hard Knocks, available on Amazon (,) is composed from someone who has crossed the desert and found water to quench their thirst along the trek.

Hard Knocks focuses on your relationship ecosystem as well as some hard truths about business to help you navigate the changing landscape ahead.

How is your business bus running?

By the way, does your business have the right people on the bus? Are they in the right seats?

Remember riding the bus to school when the tormentors claimed the back of the bus and the meek gathered in the front? If that bus were a business, it would have failed not only because of the division, the purpose of the ride was lost or never really clearly defined.

Do your employees pick their seats or are you clarifying the purpose of the trip and assigning seats?

Real World Enlightenment

From seasoned business owners to entrepreneurs, Hard Knocks is a real-world education in business and personal growth.

R. Mike Derryberry is the chief development officer and co-owner of Compass Cleaning Solutions ( based in Phoenix, Arizona. Mike’s previous businesses include a casework manufacturing company and a software consulting and training firm.

Mike has a passion for small business owners and developing leaders who care about people as much as profits. His message is practical “boots on the ground” call to all small business owners looking for a voice from one of their own.

You can’t run a business alone, and with honest, personal insight and clear cut purpose and values, you shouldn’t have to.