Bear Co. Tires

Don't get stranded out there on the mountain, or else Dallas might have to pull you out

You may recall that Bear Co. Tires does roadside service... but mountain side?! Yes. As you can imagine, people getting stuck or sliding off the road is a regular occurrence in the mountains during winter months.

"I've been called on many times to run up the mountain and rescue people," explains Dallas with Bear Co. Tires. "They did not take the time to put the right tires on their vehicle before they went up." 

One particular instance, on Carter Mountain (pictured above), Dallas got the call, got into his rig, and ran up the mountain. Seeing where the gentleman slid off the road, Dallas drove around to get to a safe spot. Together, they winched him up the mountain and back onto the road. "This is the sort of thing that can be avoided with the right tires for the right situation," he continued.

Drop in to Bear Co. Tires and get your tires before you head up on the mountain and get into a pickle!

Another recommendation from Dallas to avoid this situation? Carry chains with you... and for all 4 tires. Bear Co. Tires carries a large selection of chains too!

Bear Co. Tires


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