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Beauty Full Imagery’s Stunning Line of High-tech Facials

Beauty Full Imagery’s Stunning Line of High-tech Facials

The science behind keeping your face young and beautiful has remarkably advanced in so many different and intriguing ways in the last 10 years. When we see celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Nicole Kidman looking as young as they did 10 years ago, that glow that their skin never seems to run out of. The real key to keeping and maintaining beautiful radiant skin is maintaining a great skin regime as early as possible. In the world of beauty facials, it’s no longer just about simply keeping your face clean, moisturized, and hydrated. There’s a whole new world of technology that has broken down barriers of regular skin maintenance. In Beauty Full Imagery, their professionals are well aware of this new world of facials. It is not just a simple hair salon to get your regular eyelash extensions in Lakeland, FL. They now offer a long list of high-tech facial services – facials that most celebrities now vow to avail of, for the continous youthfullness of their skin.

1. Oxygen Rx Treatment Facial

This new and innovative facial treatment is getting really popular because of its instant and very visible results. At Beauty Full Imagery, their Oxygen Rx Treatment consists of a full facial cleansing to remove all the dirt and dead skin cells from your face. An Oxygen Rx Powder treatment is then applied on the neck and face. Afterwards, an enzyme activator is applied and massaged on to the face to give you that refreshing and younger looking glow. Oxygen helps revitalize your skin cells so this is a perfect way to maintain that youthful feel and look of your skin.

2. Oxygen Infusion System Facial Therapy

This alternative oxygen treatment is a more meticulous process and benefits every skin type, condition, and color as well. The process begins by delivering 21% oxygen on the skin using a portable aesthetic machine with oxygen motor and pump. This process revitalizes your skin cells to prevent skin dryness and brings more flexibility to it too. The skin is cleansed and followed by a soothing toner application. The solution is removed using a warm towel afterwards and then sprayed with another soothing toner. This is followed by the application of the Oxygen infusion phase 1 and phase 2 + activator, which is wiped with a warm towel after. In this hair salon in Lakeland, FL, their facialists recommend to have this treatment every 2 weeks to keep that youthful glow.

3. Microcurrent Facial Treatment

If you want to avoid wrinkles, your skin must maintain its elasticity and Beauty Full Imagery has the perfect treatment to do so. The Microcurrent Facial Treatment helps slow down the development of wrinkles. It consists of microcurrent signals that helps contract the muscle, enhancing natural collagen and elastic production. The treatment firms your skin, reactivates the facial muscles, increases circulation and lymphatic flow, which improves the texture of your skin and evens out the wrinkles. The Microcurrent Facial Treatment is indeed the perfect facial from Beauty Full Imagery to help keep those wrinkles away.

4. Rejuvenation Facial

Beauty Full Imagery’s Rejuvenation Facial was created to help repair and restore worn-out, sun damaged, or dry skin with the use of anti aging serums and facial masks. With the new technology behind these serums, facialists are now able to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin texture, and help you achieve that healthy glow. After years of exposure to the sun and other chemicals, your skin definitely needs to revitalize and the Rejuvenation Facial is the perfect high-tech facial that your skin needs.

Beauty Full Imagery is pushing the boundaries of facial technology by giving you their top of the line, high-tech and quality facials, performed by highly trained and experienced professionals to assure you that your youthful glow will remain even as you age. With these great new facial treatments, you no longer need to depend on your regular eyelash extensions in Lakeland, FL appointments or your simple trips to the hair salon in Lakeland, FL to stay youthful. It’s all about keeping your skin hydrated, rejuvenated, and infused with oxygen to maintain that amazing youthful glow to your skin.