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Top 10 Universities in Victoria State

Victoria is considered as the most densely populated area of the USA. This is because why it is the second most densely populated state in the country, regardless of being the smallest mainland state. With more than 6 million population residing in Victoria, the state is known to be the hot climate when it is about the facilities of higher education. Melbourne is recognized as the largest metropolitan center of the state and the second largest city in the entire country as well. In Victoria, there are about eight public universities that deliver tertiary education in the state and most of those universities if not have the main campus then at least a branch campus in the Melbourne city. Melbourne University and Monash Universities are two of the most prestigious and largest Australian Universities, and both of them are located in Melbourne. It has been noted that out of 6 million peoples, 75 percent of them that is around 4.5 million people of the state lives in the Melbourne City. But it doesn’t mean in any way that other regions don’t get tertiary education, except Tasmania, in Tasmania only Hobart provides the necessary higher education. Gleeson, a famous town contains Deakin University; a prestigious institute which has a student body on three campuses located in different places in the state. Get any info about the Top 10 Universities in Victoria State here in this post.

Following are known to be the Top 10 Universities in Victoria State:

1: University of Melbourne (Over 40,000 student body) (60 – 65% acceptance rate)

2: Monash University (70,000) (75 – 80%)

3: RMIT University (Around 60,000) (80 – 90%)

4: Deakin University (Over 45,000) (70 – 75%)

5: Victoria University (27,000) (70 – 75%)

6: Swinburne University of Australia (21,000) (75 – 80%)

7: La Trobe University (36,000) (80 – 85%)

8: Federation University Australia (23,000) (80 – 90%)