Best Antivirus of 2017

Computer virus or any virus that is a threat to your devices which may be running on Android or iOS is always present just waiting for you to activate them. This virus is now growing faster and is ready to attack your device’s system for information to be stolen or for you not to use the device anymore.

Types of Computer Viruses

If you think that all the viruses have the same effect, you might want to change your stored ideas. Viruses come in different types that pose different threats regarding your computer or personal data.

Browser Hijacker – takes over the parts in the internet browser you are using and redirect you to certain sites. The purpose of this virus is to increase the advertisement revenue by means of bringing traffic to pages you will be routed.

Directory Virus – also called as cluster virus or file system virus. This works by changing the path of the file by infecting the directory of your device’s system. This contributes to giving you difficulty in locating your files and might let you think your files had disappeared.

Trojan – also known as Trojan horse which is sent to your device by a program that is hidden inside. This is one of the trickiest viri since it camouflages itself as an important and useful program. This does not multiple or spread but is the most dangerous since it can get your login information on the sites that needed it.

Memory Resident Virus – resides in the computer’s memory. When the virus is activated when the operating software runs, every file that was opened will get infected. The virus stays hidden in the computer’s RAM which corrupts files and programs that are used.

Overwrite Virus – this works by taking a file and infecting it where the information it has will be deleted making it useless. The file size stays the same though the content has been changed.

What Is Offered?

There is 2017's best virus protection that you can buy and make your devices secured and free from this threats. Software security companies that offer antivirus make sure that your payment is worth it. They update the software from time to time to fight malware which is growing fast. You can buy the products offered by the following company:

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Norton Antivirus

Kaspersky Antivirus

AVG Internet Security


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