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Easy Way To Get Volume With Your Flat Iron

How to straighten your hair with volume?

Straight hair requires minimal maintenance and thus appeals to many. However, it has the disadvantage that it is often flat and looks thin. There are ways, however, of adding volume to the hair when straightening through two main methods.

Starting off with dry hair

If you are starting off on dry hair, you can flat iron the hair to make it look voluminous. Brush the hair to get rid of any tangles, apply heat protection serum, gel or spray and brush through it again to ensure that the product covers the length of every strand. Section off a layer of the hair just above the neck and pin up or tie the rest of the hair in a bun. Divide the hair into smaller section, taking one inch of hair from the end and working each section at a time until you get to the other end of your head. Clamp the iron about one and a half inches from the scalp to prevent burning. Slowly move the iron through the length of each section. In order to create volume, flat iron the hair outwards and in an upward motion. For the bangs, hair flat iron your hai in the opposite direction. That is, if you wear your side-bang to the right, flat iron to the left then flip the hair over to the right once you are done. It gives the illusion of volume. You can mist some setting or anti-frizz spray on each section after you are done so the style holds for longer. Once you are done flat ironing, tease the hair by running your fingers through it in an upward motion. This will lift the hair more and add volume to the look.

Starting off on wet hair

As with the other method, comb through the hair to get rid of tangles, apply heat protectant then comb through again to distribute the product evenly through your hair. Switch on your drier. As it warms up, section your hair as in the other method. Place a round brush under each section and place the drier about two inches away from the brush. Follow through in the same way as you move the brush along the hair shafts. If the hair is smooth, turn the brush to face the scalp without moving it to the end of the hair shaft and continue brushing along with the drier directly above the brush. If the hair is not smooth once the brush has passed under the hair, brush through to the end and repeat the process until it is smooth. Once you have turned the brush and moved it along the hair, switch off the drier to conserve energy as you wait for your hair to cool off. Once it is cooled off then you can remove the brush and move on to the next section. This is repeated throughout the hair for every smaller section. It creates an illusion of volume.