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BLS Translation Services is Opening an Office in Somalia 

Best Language Services (BLS), the leading professional translation services agency based in London, UK is opening its first office in Somalia. The office will be offering professional Somali translation and interpreting services to all major companies, and the governmental agencies in the country.

BLS is known for its high quality document translation services in over 120 languages. The company is the only major translation services company which is based in Somalia. The company is planning to offer full translation, interpreting and voice-over services in Somalia, Arabic, English, French, German and Swahili.

The head of BLS marketing Mr. Farah believes that the company can help Somalia to communicate with the rest of the world effectively. Somalia is now hosting global conferences about peace and reconstruction in the country; and BLS is offering interpretation and translation services when required. Best Language Services has also offices in Nairobi, Kenya; where the company can fly in linguists whenever there are major meetings and conferences in all parts of Somalia. Voice-over is one of the areas the company will invest in by building studios that will offer high-tech voice-over and subtitling services.

BLS’s office in Mogadishu will be the fourth major translation services office in the world, behind Nairobi, Kenya, London, UK and Dubai, UAE. Mr. Farah said that they will offer document translation services such as technical, legal, medical, educational, immigration, marketing, oil/gas and many other areas in over 120 languages. The company’s translators and interpreters are highly qualified linguists with many years of experience. All linguists are tested before BLS hire them for any translation, interpretation or voice-over projects.

Best Language Services recognizes the importance of quality translation/interpretation and reducing the cost for its clients. That is why the company is a well-liked and recognized international language services provider. For all clients in Somalia, the company recommends that they contact with BLS for enquires, so that the company can offer a toiler-made solution for their translation, interpreting and voice-over requirements.

Opening Date: 5 April 2017

Opening Location: Mogadishu, Somalia


For additional information, please contact Abdisalam Farah at