Best VPN

How to determine the best VPN for your needs

A VPN is a networking technology used for a private connection which creates an anonymous and a personal network using a tunnel created separately. This private network allows you to keep your network secure from cyber threats, ISP monitoring, security agencies and government surveillance despite remote access. Based on the requirement, the best Virtual Private Network for self can be determined as follows-

1)     Free Virtual private network v/s paid Virtual private network

There are many free VPN applications available along with the paid ones. Though it should be noted that there are no free lunches in the world and when we talk about free applications, there is always a way in which companies would aim to make money through the free VPN services. And one of the simplest ways to this revenue model would be to use your data for the purpose of advertisements. The studies carried out on free VPNs revealed that they demand access to unnecessary information along with a compromised encryption for the data you send. Also 35 percent of them were found to contain some or the other form of malware.

The other limitation when it comes to the free service is the speed limit, data limit and download restrictions. To top it all, it is bombarded with free advertisements and a large waiting time. With due considerations to all these difficulties, a paid VPN service make a lot of sense. In fact due to higher demand, prices for paid VPN services has reduced over the past few years and for a few dollars, reliable, quality and a fast service can be accessed.

2)     Privacy & Logging

Different VPNs abide by different rules, regulations and laws. Some VPN service providers are forced to save the user logs & the user information, while also limiting the internet traffic. Others do not have such restrictions and these restrictions depend on the location of the VPN service provider. The rules, laws, obligations, privacy and rights of the service provider vary from country to country.  ExpressVPN & NordVPN review carried out identified that they have their offices located in British Virgin Islands & Panama, thus ensuring that rules of those places govern the services. The privacy regulations and data retention laws at these places are quite favourable.


3)     Price

The prices for different VPN services vary. However, most of them offer good discounts for their services. To top it, those taking a longer subscription get best price benefits.


4)     Features and characteristics

While selecting a good VPN service provider, one needs to always look at the server network size and the protocols offered by the service provider. Different service providers differ on the quality of support provided and the ease of use. Also, the ideal service provider offers no limits on the data or speed and allows downloading from all the networks including torrents. All these details can be identified by reading the review of VPN service

Thus, there is a huge list when it comes to selecting the VPN service provider. Based on the needs and requirements, the customer can avail these services. However, whichever services he/ she chooses, the decision to use VPN, keeping privacy and safety in mind in always a great decision. So when are you planning to avail the VPN services?