Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Wyoming

PE Classes for Homeschool Families

Kids have a natural inclination to move. They run, they climb, they skip, they jump. In a traditional education setting, these natural tendencies are built into a physical education program where children can try new activities and discover their skills and talents. For parents who homeschool their children, getting kids moving in an intentional program can be challenging.

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Wyoming makes it easier for homeschool families to incorporate activity into their routines. The Club offers physical education classes geared toward homeschool students. These classes incorporate station work to improve motor skills, team sports involving skill development and sportsmanship, opportunities to participate in a wide range of activities and exercises, improved physical fitness and flexibility, and an active environment not based on competition.

"Homeschool P.E. is without a doubt my boys' favorite part of our day. As a mom of four very active boys, and one daughter, I love that it gives my children much-needed chance to burn off some energy and social time with friends," said Cheryl Hackett, homeschool mom.

She said getting to class in the middle of the day is a great motivator for her kids to complete their school work before taking off for P.E. class at the Club.

Classes are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from Sept. 20 - Dec. 8, 2016. Class times are 12:30 - 1:15 p.m. for ages 5-9, and 1:15 - 2 p.m. for ages 10 and older. There is a nominal fee associated with these classes.

Visit the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Wyoming located at 1701 East K Street to register or download the registration form at