Big Data

How To Get A Job In Big Data

Your engineering degree and programming skills won't be enough to land a data-driven job. Big data has become a lot more than IT and business analytics. Big data is now used for manufacturing, marketing, sales and product development purposes.

There is a growing need for big data experts and companies expect new recruits to possess more skills and expertise than ever before. There is a lot of competition in this field and you need to be one of the best in the world of big data in order to get a high-paying job at a successful start-up that offers perks like pre-IPO stock options. You need to possess hard skills like Python coding or being familiar with Hadoop in order to get one of these jobs. You also need to possess a wide range of soft skills in order to share your findings and make them useful to other departments.

I have four years of experience with big data and can say that I have interviewed many candidates who were interested in this field. I have found that building a successful team is complex. There is a lot more to it than finding competent engineers. My best team members are people who always look for new solutions and who aren't afraid to innovate or to adopt an unusual approach.

These are the four things that matter the most when recruiting big data engineers. I have put together this list after interviewing candidates in this field:

1. Adopt A Multi-Model Mind-set

There isn't a simple solution that fit every problem. Big data engineers need to be flexible and should be able to come up with a mix of strategies and ideas to solve problems. Most technology platforms used by businesses have a distributed nature and big data should reflect this.

2. Develop Your Own Thesis On Big Data

I always ask people why they want to work in big data and how they think it will benefit the world. Develop your own thesis on the benefits of big data and how it will shape the world in the future. Explain your thesis with some concrete examples and don't hesitate to throw in some examples of projects you have worked on.

3. Network As Much As Possible

You won't land a great job in the big data field if you spend all your time behind your screen. There are plenty of conferences and other events you can attend to network. Be active on social media and think about sharing your ideas on a blog or look into speaking at conferences. Technology companies will be more likely to hire you if they are familiar with who you are or if someone refers you. If you want to get a start with networking, why not get to know the nPower big data team.

4. Stay Up To Date

Technology is a world that changes quickly. You need to keep up with the latest tools businesses are using and need to familiarize yourself with the next software package your company will be likely to use. Create an account on Github to get noticed online. It will be easier to get the job you want if you are seen as self-motivated and know about the latest trends in the field of big data.

You need to stand out to get noticed in the world of big data. Set some high-level goals for your career and always look for ways to progress, learn new things and familiarize yourself with new tools. Big data is a rapidly-changing field and the best way to stand out is to keep up with it.