Craft Beer - Do You Know the Art of Properly Tasting It?

There was a time when beer was just beer. We all drank like it was just any other liquor. That’s not the case now. Today, beer is not just beer it has become more like a class. When we talk about class, we mean craft beer. Earlier, we all wanted to have more of quantity when it came to drinking beer. Today, people seek quality.


If you have tasted craft beer already then you would be able to relate to what we have said so far. If not, then let’s dig into the steps of tasting craft beer to get the best of this drink:


1.Pour it right - Now, this may sound a little too usual, but trust us when we say this. How good the beer tastes depend a lot on how it has been poured in the glass.  You should be able to start with a proper pour before you start tasting the beer. Also, never ever have beer straight from the can, as you may not get the best taste of it.


Make sure the glass you are pouring in is clean and free from oil residue or soap scum etc. Take the glassware and tilt it at a 45-degree angle and target to pour your beer in the middle of the side of the glass. Once the glass is filled halfway, you should start to tilt the glass upright and then pour the beer into the center of the glassware.


2.Look at your craft beer - You already know how populated Sioux Falls is and thus, more consumption of beer makes sense in the city. If you also live in Sioux Falls, then you should check out those cool beer joints in the city. Beer Joints or restaurant & Sioux Falls are totally inseparable.


So, now let’s look into the 2nd step of tasting craft beer. Once you have poured the beer properly in the glass, don’t be in a rush to just bring it to your lips. You should rather drink it with your eyes. What we meant by this is you should look at the glass and observe the color of the beer. An impression of the drink in your head is important to enjoy the taste fully.


3.It’s time to smell the beer -Yes, we just said that head retention of the swirl in your beer is important. It makes the whole process so much more interesting. Also, the swirl you made just now will also release full aroma and that’s something you can’t miss smelling. As you know that almost 80% of our taste perception comes from our sense of smell, it is important that we first take the full aroma of the beer before bringing it to our lips.


4.Taste the beer - Now is the time to taste the beer. However, don’t take a big gulp, as that will just spoil the taste of the beer. Take a few small sips and let it swirl inside your mouth opening all the taste buds.