Why You Need an Attorney After an Auto Accident

Picture this scenario. You are headed home after a long day’s work. While pulling through an intersection that just turned green, a car whose driver was racing a yellow light comes across the intersection and T-bones you. Whether you are injured or not, you need a Bradenton auto accident attorney. Why? Here is the short answer.

You are not a Lawyer

Believe it or not, watching crime dramas on television does not prepare you for anything remotely associated with actual law. You may not want to admit it, but if you are not an attorney (and if you are, you know a person who represents themselves has a fool for a client,) you are clueless when it comes to practical application of the law.

Because of that, you need to hire a Bradenton automobile accident attorney.

No Accident is as Simple as it Seems

Even accidents like the one described above can get very complex, very quickly.

For example, what if the driver who hit you has no insurance? What if they have no citizen documentation or license? How about if there is a witness that says you entered the intersection too early?

All of these scenarios can and do happen. If you do not have legal counsel, you will be stuck navigating insurance companies, accident reports, auto mechanic estimates and trying to figure out what you should do. A lawyer will be able to quickly get to the bottom of your case and get you the best solution.

Settlements can be Sneaky

No insurance company will separate itself from its cash if it can help it. That means they will low-ball everything in the hopes that a quick cash settlement will make you go away. It also means they might try and take advantage of you if they realize it is you against their lawyers. Having a competent auto accident attorney on your side sends a message to the insurance companies to toe the line.

The Paperwork is Voluminous

You have not lived until you have gone through your first few dozen of accident-related reports, forms and legal summaries associated with even the simplest auto accident. Actually, if you have not, it means, more than likely, that you do have a life.

The paperwork between the police, towing service, the other driver, any hospitals and insurance company or companies can be monumental.

Can you get through an auto accident that is not your fault without making a major mistake or getting fleeced? Sure. With a Bradenton auto accident attorney, your chances of getting through it unscathed or even better off increase significantly.