Who Is Responsible for Pest Control – Renters or Landowners?

Many different kinds of pests may infest the premises where you are living and the term ‘pest control’ will include various kinds of measures taken for different types of animal infestation or disruption.

As a tenant in any housing property, you may find all such pests or vermin’s in your assets during any stage of your tenancy. Now the main question is who among you and your landlord will be liable for getting the pest control done?

Not all, but many of you must be facing such problem about pests and vermin’ in your home at some point of time during your rental agreement.

In the various cities all across Australia, law concerning pest control is a bit ambiguous in nature and therefore it is often criticised by the public. Some of the examples are:

  • Renter is responsible for maintaining the premises in fair condition.

  • The landlord will be responsible for preserving the asset in very secure position so that renter can stay there comfortably.

Usually all landlords get the end of lease pest control Sunshine Coast done however in every social gathering all across Australia discussion take place about ordinances regarding the protection of private assets.

People are generally concerned about the laws enacted regarding pest control which is mainly about pests and vermin and particularly about cockroaches.

As a common law, any disruption/infestation of pests will include rodents, rats, cockroaches, possums, termites, spiders, pismires, bees or wasps lacking inspection by pest control worker will be the duty of the owner/property handler.

What are your liabilities as renter?

As a renter, the liabilities on your part for pest infestations will include insects provoked by the pets that you have. You must clear the pests in conventional areas of food, and also apply sprays and use baits.

When you report about your asset situation, you must further examine the condition about your sanitation and other preservation concerns and subsume bug pests.

After you leave an asset, it must be in a state that will be worthy of tenancy approval for ensuring proper insect treatment control.

What are your duties as landlord?

As landlord, you will be liable to control pest or vermin including rodents, mice and termites. Only exemption will be that any appearance of pest due to your renter’s bad maintenance or not taking enough care about sanitation.

In case, your renter failed to place effaceable trash or was engaged in exercising that strengthen various confrontation of pests, then as landlord you may claim that from your renter.

Hire professionals

There are plenty of pest control service providers available to provide services at affordable pest control Sunshine Coast prices and can provide best pest treatments.

You can certainly relieve yourself from all those unwanted and irritating visitors which includes rodents, rats, insects and spiders etc.

They are available on 24/7 basis and use all reliable and safe appliances for you. They also deliver the required end of lease service for pest control and also end of lease service for fumigation.