Now Letting Fees Banned in the UK

As per the new rule for tenants, a new fee act has recently been introduced by the UK government. You can visit the relevant website to check how and what is the government’s approach for banning letting fees, which was paid by all the tenants in their private rented sector.

These charges that used to add almost £800 in addition to the renting cost for a new home are now have finally been banned. After 3 years, renters all across the UK have breathed a big sigh of relief because of this new ban about letting agent fees, which has come into force lately.

What are the Charges that Have Been Banned?

Due to this new law, a number of different kinds of fees have been banned. Following is the list of fees that have been banned as per the new rule:

  • Any admin fees
  • Extra charges meant for animals
  • Credit check fees
  • Viewing fees
  • Charges meant for professional cleaning
  • Check in/check out fees
  • Fees for any weekend moves

When all these charges were added together, any first-time renters had to face around £800 as up-front fees, while renting any property. Also, it bans certain fees that were imposed by various letting agencies as well as landlords. The new rule will allow only up to 5 weeks of rent as deposit for any rental property in the UK.

What Payments Still Can Be Charged?

After this new ruling, we know about the amount that the agent or landlord will not charge for the rental property, however it is also important to know now what still can be charged from you. Following are the payments a landlord/agent can now charge a tenant:

  • A deposit which is completely refundable, limited up to 5 weeks’ rent or 6 weeks if annual rent is more than £50,000.
  • A refundable holding deposit to reserve your property, with maximum limit up to 1 week’s rent.
  • Certain payments needed for change in agreement like amending names on the contract. This will be capped at £50, by providing an allowance for certain reasonable costs if you can provide evidence like receipts or invoices.
  • Early termination fees in case tenant prefers to move before end of their agreements. This charge will be capped at any amount of loss the landlord/agent may incur from such rental losses.
  • Any default fees due to late rental payment or replacing any keys which have been lost.

Therefore, with this new ban not only tenants can save lot of money while moving to any rental property, but also allow them to have little more power of their rights.

Now landlords will think twice before asking higher rent prices meant for repairs or fees, as tenant you can now threaten of moving with credibility in case this new law ever is broken.

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