What Should Be the Right Dosage for CBD Gummies?

If you want to take daily CBD dose then it will be best to take CBD in gummies form. Not only it is very simple and convenient way of consuming CBD but also it tastes pretty good.

Usually, these CBD edibles are available in small serving size like 10 to 25mg of CBD, and thus make it incredibly easy to get the amount that you need for anything that you are trying to treat.

Often CBD dosages is confusing for many, as different ailments need different dose however that mainly depends upon individual body size and also severity of the symptoms.

Though one will not fall ill due to overdose, it will be better to ensure that you take right dose so that you may not unnecessary waste any.

In this article, we shall discuss about the amount of CBD gummies that you need to take for your problem.

How many CBD-gummies one should take?

Dosage of CBD Gummies will depend on these factors:

  • Your purpose of using CBD
  • Severity of the symptoms
  • Your bodyweight
  • Your metabolism

For general health effects, your dose can be 10-25mg daily and for treating seizures or anxiety your dose can be 600mg. Those who need treatment for specific symptoms may have different dosage.

CBD-gummies for Pain

Studies suggest that by taking CBD of 15-25mg daily will be helpful for pain. A 500mg jar containing CBD Gummies may last for over a month if you need small amount.

The best dosage will depend on the symptoms. People with severe pain will need higher dosage.

CBD-gummies for anxiety treatment

Research suggests that higher dosage will be best for anxiety symptoms. A study found single 600mg dose of CBD could help reducing social anxiety. Few other studies found CBD of 100mg to 600mg can reduce anxiety.

The dosage will however depend on severity and nature of your symptoms.

CBD-gummies for seizures

Usually seizure dosages depend on body weight. As per research, 25mg of CBD/kg of body weight will reduce seizures. Another trial suggested 20mg/kg of body weight will be ideal to reduce seizures.

Other studies suggest about 200 to 300mg of CBD/day will help epileptic patients.

CBD-gummies for sleep

One study tested and found 160mg of CBD will be ideal for the treatment of insomnia and will help patients to get more sleep. The dose of 40 and 80mg also had effects, like reducing dream recall.

Higher dosage of 160mg can help patient of insomnia to treat their symptoms quickly. Also, taking small daily dosage can also help for over a period of time.

CBD-gummies for depression

Study conducted in 2018, found that single dosage of between 7 to 30mg of CBD/kg body weight can rapidly reduce depression. It can not only treat depression just within 30 minutes, and effects remain for a week, but this test was done so far on rats.

A single dose of 400-600mg of CBD can be enough for instant treatment of symptoms of depression. One may start with smaller amount for some time to sustain the effects.