Getting A Driving License In Australia Is Way More Simpler With A Help Of A Driving School

Acquiring your full license takes more than 2 years. The minimum age limit in Australia to drive a car is 17 or 18 which varies according to the state/territory you are residing. In certain territories, learners’ licenses can be held once a person is 15 years and 9 months old which requires driving under the supervision of a license holder. 

Driving licenses are issued by the local licensing authority of a territory or state where the drive resides and is valid throughout Australia. The process involved in getting a license is almost the same in all states with minor variations. After you’ve received your P1 license, it is mandatory to carry it whenever you drive and you are required to show the license to officials on demand.

The entire license process involved:

  • Pass the Driver Knowledge Test (DKT) which helps you secure a learners permit

  • Clear the Haphazard Perception Test (HPT) after at least 10 months of holding learners' permits. If you are over 25 and have a learners permit you don’t have this 10-month requirement

  • Clear the driving test to get a P1 license a year after getting your learner’s permit and completing at least 60 hours of practice driving under supervision. If you are over 25, you don’t have to wait for a year to take a driving test. 

  • Apply for a P2 license a year after holding P1 license

  • Apply for an unrestricted license a year after holding P2 license

Sydney, Central Coast, New Castle, and Illawarra residents can benefit from the safer drivers course offered by LTrent Driving School. The course includes in-class activities and practical classes aimed at helping those who have secured a learner’s permit to drive safer and better.

How does LTrent Driving School help in preparing before your driving test?

  • They complete a minimum 1 lesson on special driving skills like a 3 point turn and reverse parking

  • An LTrenT On Road Test (TORT) which is a practice test is conducted somewhere around your test center. Based on your performance their instructors would assess you and let you know if you’ve cleared it and suggest improvements if any.

  • When the instructor deems you ready to take the test, they will book an appointment for a test. You could also choose to do it yourself either online or by calling the test center.

How does LTrent Driving School assist on the day of the driving test?

Their instructor will pick you up from your residence. He/she lets you drive the car which serves as a warm-up lesson and calms your nerves. After you reach the test center, they help you with preparing your logbook and forms. You can make use of their car for the test. They assist you through the different stages of the driving test and after you are done they will drive you home.

Though attending a driving school was once optional, it is now highly recommended. The driving program put forth by driving schools helps a person gain good driving habits and teaches them proper techniques to be used while driving.