Pros and Cons of Different Bong Water Pipes

There are many different ways in which you can consume THC or CBD. The newer ways of smoking marijuana are thorough smoking joints, using CBD oil, Thai sticks, edibles, wax, and many more. Despite the many new ways of using cannabis, the most popular and oldest ways are through a bong. The bong is the best choice for marijuana smoking. These bong water pipes also come in different types.

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Different types of bong water pipes by material

·        Metal: Metal water pipes are not a popular choice as they don’t provide a smooth smoking experience. The taste is also altered and the stoners who smoke are unsure of the kind of hit they are taking as it is not transparent. However, they are cheap and durable.

·        Glass: This is the most popular material as it does not alter the taste of the smoke at all. Furthermore, you can easily see the resin buildup in the pipe due to its transparency. However, they are more expensive than other material bong water pipes.

·        Plastic: Plastic is also one of the popular materials due to its high durability. It will not break no matter how many times you drop it. This is could be a good option when traveling. Furthermore, the price of this is also low. But the taste of the smoke may be slightly altered.

·        Ceramic: Ceramic bong water pipes were popular before glass ones. They are heavier and fragile making it a less favorable choice. However, if you want to customize your bong then ceramic ones are the best option as the clay is malleable to form into any shape.

·        Silicone: Silicone is a newer material that has numerous benefits. They are unbreakable, and easy to fold, dishwasher safe, and provides a lifetime warranty. Furthermore, it comes at an affordable price with different designs and colors. However, these bong water pipes are smaller than the regular one which provides less filtration, cooling, and percolation space.

·        Acrylic: This material is like hard plastic. Its popularity is due to its very low prices. They are very low-priced, easy to replace, and do the required work. You also cannot guarantee its safety as it is produced in different countries. Thus, this bong is not a preferred option for many smokers.

·        Bamboo: This type of bong is very durable and can be used for a long time if kept right.  You can even customize it with metal, paint, varnish, and make it your own.


The information above shows the pros and cons of seven different material bong water pipes. You can pick the one most suited to your needs.