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Essential oil: which one to choose for my face?

From plants, essential oils possess many virtues for our skin. It is found in some cosmetics sold in the trade, but one can also concoct some recipes or even, depending on its type of skin.

I concoct a daily care based on essential oil

This preparation virtues antioxidant , helps protect the skin from external aggression and preserves aging . It is applied in place of its serum , just before its usual day cream.


In a glass bottle, pour 30 ml of vegetable oil of sweet almond or oil of macadamia (ideal for the mixed skins). Add 4 drops of essential oil of fine lavender or ylang-ylang (attention, the strong smell may not please everyone ...).

My skin is oily and has some imperfections

To combat the pimples , this mixture with the sebo-regulating action , to be applied on the face, avoiding the outline of the eyes, before going to lie down.


Mix 30 ml of jojoba vegetable oil with 5 drops of tea tree essential oil, which has an anti-infectious action, but feels very strong. If you want a less pronounced perfume, replace the tea tree with palma rosa oil.

I have a mature skin, I want to protect

To boost your dull skin , give it a sparkle and to prevent brown spots, this care is a good ally.


Take a base (30ml) of vegetable rose oil with healing properties, to which you add 5 drops of Italian helichryse essential oil, known for its regenerative properties. If you have pigment spots, add 5 drops of cultivated carrot essential oil, which acts on the skin pigmentation.

Good to know: We banned from our homemade cosmetics preparations, citrus essential oils, which are pro-oxidizing and that would irritate the skin.

I need a pampering care for ' winter

Ideal to soothe irritated and reactive skin , this mixture applies as soon as necessary by circular massages on the whole face.


In 30ml of jojoba vegetable oil, pour 2 drops of essential oil of fine lavender and 3 drops of essential oil of Roman chamomile (anti-inflammatory).

In the event of a seizure, you can also apply a layer of Calendula oily macerate that you leave for 10 minutes and remove with a mild soap.

Additionally : For each type of skin, you can make a facial sauna once a week to enhance the benefits of oils. It's simple: in a bowl of boiling water, add 10 drops of the essential oil you want. Place your face over the container and cover yourself with a towel. Wait 5 minutes, as long as the vapors are absorbed.

I can add a few drops of ' essential oil in my day cream?

No, never mix drops of essential oil with your usual care. It is important to mix them with a vegetable oil and not with its moisturizer. Each commercially available cream has specific properties, and changing the composition would be useless. Do not play chemistry apprentices, your skin would not thank you ...

Hydrosols, what is?

Hydrolats, which can be floral waters or water with plant extracts (blueberry, camomile, orange blossom ...), are ideal for spraying before the application of a care. Be careful, they can dry out, moisturize well to prevent the skin from tugging.