Dominica passport: Three reasons making it a must have for second home seekers

The island of Dominica is known for its untouched natural beauty, mesmerizing mesh of rain-forests, waterfalls and wildlife. Besides being heavenly beautiful, the Caribbean territory also offers excellent investment and business opportunities and visa free travel to a number of countries. You can also avail these benefits after obtaining residency of Dominica. When it comes to obtaining native rights to live in a foreign territory, you may avail it after a long-term stay, by birthright, marriage or fund investments. Among these routes the most efficient and fastest way to obtain these rights is citizenship by investment. Especially, if you are a business owner or love touring abroad, dual nationality will open a broad spectrum of opportunities.

How to get Dominica passport?

Citizenship can be acquired via naturalization by marriage, naturalization through the residency program (5 year), naturalization through parentage ( one or both parents are born there) and naturalization through the economic citizenship (passport by investment) program. One you have become naturalized citizen; you are eligible for the passport.

What makes Dominica Passport a must have?

The Dominica passport is a useful travel documents. Under the current diplomatic relations (with other countries) Dominica has established visa- free travel to over 100 countries in the world. These countries include: all CARICOM member countries, United Kingdom, Singapore, Aruba, Hong Kong, to name a few. As this territory is a member of the CARICOM (Caribbean community) its passport is readily accepted across the Caribbean regions as a travel and identification document.

Here I am sharing few additional reasons making this country a favorite choice among the candidates seeking for a suitable second passport.

To become the global citizen

Soon after receiving the passport, you will be eligible for visa-free access to a whole range of countries, which might not be possible with your primary nationality. Permit free entry to more than 100 countries is not less than a blessing for the person who was previously facing a lot of restrictions to obtain travel endorsements. Imagine you will be eligible for visa-free travel to countries like the United Kingdom and Schengen Area after becoming a proud citizen of this country.

To explore the culture in depth

If travelling and discovering everything about the land and culture of different nations is your passion, there is no better way other than obtaining the residency of a foreign territory like Dominica. As this passport will make you eligible for visa free entry to a number of countries, you don’t need to wait for visa to visit the next destination. The country itself is loaded with natural beauty and cultural attractions. You can stay here as long as you wish and uncover every aspect of its history, customs and cultural ethos.

To avail the privilege to own another home

There is nothing bad dreaming to owning the rights of living in another country located entirely opposite side of the globe. Rather, it’s an honor, which you have earned after investing a significant amount of money in a government authorized project. Visa-free travel is not the sole benefit of dual citizenship; a whole list of benefits from domestic comforts of tax-free business and duty-free imports are associated.

Summary: These are a few exciting reasons, which are compelling everyone, including investors, enthusiastic travellers and families to find information about how to get Dominica passport to obtain native rights.