Benefits And Disadvantages Of A Cordless Weed Eater

If you are keen on keeping your lawns clean and neat, then a weed eater is a must have equipment. There are two main types of weed eaters. They include; corded electric weed eater and the cordless weed eater. Over the years, the cordless string trimmer has become more popular with consumers, especially homeowners, than the other type of trimmer. The easiness that comes while using it has made it a favorite to many.

 Below are the Benefits And Disadvantages of A Cordless Weed Eater:

Advantages of Cordless Weed Eaters

1. It is portable

Unlike the corded trimmer, a cordless trimmer is more portable because there is no cord limiting the user from moving. It offers you the freedom of movement, therefore, reaching spots like around the fence posts and around the flowers that you previously could not easily access. Also you can read on

2. It is friendly to the environment

Anything that is good for the environment is right for you. The battery-powered weed eater does not emit fumes, and it also makes less noise compared to the gas-powered trimmer. You will not have to worry about waking up the baby or irritating your next-door neighbor. Your neighbors will not have to know every time you are trimming grass.

3. It is powerful

Battery and gas-powered trimmers are more powerful than electric trimmers. This is important if you are dealing with thicker grass and tough bushes. You need a powerful trimmer that will swiftly cut through without fearing that you will damage the blades.

4. No distance limitation

Because no cords are restricting you, you can carry the cordless string trimmer anywhere within your property. It is ideal for large lawns where a corded trimmer would not reach.

5. Easy to maneuver around your other property

You do not have to move your car, bikes or skip bin every time you are cutting or trimming grass. You will not have to worry about moving around fixed items within your property.

6. Lightweight.

The battery-powered cordless string trimmer is lightweight, therefore making it comfortable to use. It means you will spend more energy trimming than carrying the trimmer. This will improve the quality and efficiency of the work.


Disadvantages of Cordless Weed Eaters

1. Battery life

Batteries only last for a short time, therefore, restricting operation time. Some batteries can only last for 30 minutes before requiring a recharge. This interrupts how much work one can do at a time. To prevent this, one has to buy several batteries, which means spending more money.

2. Noise pollution

Gas-powered trimmers are noisy which could be irritating for you and your neighbors

3. Gas-powered trimmers emit fumes

Unlike an electric weed eater, the gas weed eater emits fumes which pollutes the environments. The fumes could also be hazardous and cause discomfort to the person using it, especially if used within a prolonged duration.

4. Heavy

Gas-powered weed eaters require fuel which can be heavy to carry around especially if working on a large surface area. It means carrying around extra fuel to avoid running out of fuel before completing the job. It could be exhausting and cause more fatigue.

5. Messy

Spills from the gas can be messy and unappealing. The smell from the gas can last for long on your skin and clothes. You will require a lot of time cleaning after you are done working. This also means you cannot have children around when working. It is not the best choice if you want to engage them and teach them how to operate the weed eater.

6. Downtime

For a battery to charge fully, it requires a lot of time unlike with the corded trimmer where you only have to connect the cable to a power source, and you are good to go! The extra effort that comes with having to recharge every time can be exhausting. It can also be inconveniencing in case someone forgets to recharge the battery before safely storing it.

With all the pros and cons laid out, the cordless weed eater is still a great piece of equipment that makes things easier for those who enjoy gardening. The source of energy for the weed eater is also crucial in determining what to settle for. Other several factors contribute to you choosing the perfect weed eater. Depending on your needs, the final decision is up to you.