How to Design an Amazing Interior on a Tight Budget

At last, the keys to your long-awaited home are now in your hands. Congratulations! That is no mean feat in this country, especially under the current conditions. Most likely, you are a first-time home buyer, and your house is new, either a house in the suburbs or an apartment. A fitted kitchen equipped with all the necessary appliances, a shower and bath, a toilet and tiles on the floors of the bathroom and kitchen is the least you expect. Or maybe, it is a blank canvas.

If you are creative when it comes to interiors, this is a chance you cannot miss. The house is new, no other occupant has had a chance to impose their style, it is a blank slate you can modify to your liking. However, there may be some problems.

Rest up after the move

The first piece of furniture you should purchase before anything else is a decent mattress. So long as you get enough sleep, all other matters can come later. This includes getting a sofa. An L-shaped sofa, for instance, will limit you.


Many new places have an initial uniform pale grey paint. While this is not an inspiring recipe for sustained happiness, you should leave it that way for some time.

Leave it intact for a whole year. We like moving in sync with the light in the home, so you need to observe what occurs in various hours of the day and during different seasons. You also need to consider how each space will be used and the best way to do this is by just living in the house for a while without making any changes. For example, decorating your home office refurbishment basingstoke may require calm, neutral colours or vibrant, energising colours depending on the work you do in there. You don't want to rush, decorate your office and then later decide you think a different room would do better. Once you are ready, apply a coat of paint containing your favourite colours to transform the house at a cheap cost. Meanwhile, you can start setting aside some funds for the next phase of beautification.


Saving up has been a concept practised for decades! Past generations were experts on it, but Ikea was not around meaning temptation was rare. Ikea is at its best when it is utilised carefully and complemented with other furniture. Instead of spending on a costly dining suite, purchase an Ikea trestle that has a plain tabletop for approximately £15 to £25.

Visit auctions to pick up cheap dining chairs, then reupholster them using superior quality fabrics that you fasten with a staple gun. It is all about taking your time. Spending money in a rush can cost you double your intended budget.

Budget friendly DIY

John Gibson, an interior decorator who works at Martin-Hudson & Gibson, has long term experience in designing interiors of new houses from scratch.

He notes that there are many ways of doing it cheaply. For instance, starting with the floor. You can purchase a fine Persian rug from an auction for a few hundred euros and place it over a much cheaper synthetic carpet. Or, you can take strips of wallpaper and lay them on the floor. It is surprisingly effective. Also, many interior design shops have residue rolls of top quality wallpaper that can be purchased cheaply.

The financial outlay required to contract someone to fix your curtains is the same, regardless of the cost of the fabric. Curtain poles can be bought based on their length and purchased separately to finials and brackets. If they fail to match, he recommends covering them with wallpaper. He adds that he has even seen fabric tubes painted and improvised as short term curtain poles.

Show Homes

Finally, a note on show houses. The majority of new house projects have them and their objective is to assist potential buyers to visualise themselves in the space. So, if you are pleased with the show house, adhere to the template as long as your budget allows. However, do not allow it to frighten you or make you feel deficient. Your new house is your place, you can design it in the fashion that pleases you most.