Cheap Linux Vps Unlimited Bandwidth

Taking a cheap Linux VPS hosting came with a bunch of features and perks is not difficult. You can easily order a dedicated server resources at half of the real cost, with less risk of the noisy neighbor problem, more reliability than a shared server, and the flexibility to scale up and down. To do so, you only need to be familiar with some terms and usages, and select the best Linux VPS hosting provider that brings you the best offers. So, let's start with the VPS term:

What Is VPS?

VPS stands for a Virtual Private Server. This is a virtual machine that is commonly used for hosting a web site. You can buy a VPS from a hosting provider companies such as Routerhosting, and based on your requirements. Each VPS provides you a private resource on a server to host your website. Likewise, you can use a shared VPS that is more affordable but in low security. Another noticeable factor for selecting a perfect VPS is operating system. The operating system that you select for VPS will have a strong impact on your business or the field of your action. There are two options available including Windows VPS and Linux VPS. Although there are many basic functions that are common between them, but selecting the OS completely depends on users and their preferences. As you know Linux VPS is more popular than Windows. You can easily find a cheap Linux VPS with great speed, function, and security.

What Is Linux VPS

Linux VPS is a virtual private server hosted on Linux operating systems and optimized for higher performance. You can also say, Linux VPS is a virtual server hosted on a physical server that is optimized for Linux OS. Being open-source, Linux is a combination of both dedicated and shared hosting, and notice that you will never suffer from decreased performance or any downtime by this kind of VPS sharing. Despite sharing, you can still enjoy of using a most expensive VPS hosting without spending too much money for the service. In fact, you can utilize a professional VPS in the form of a very cheap Linux VPS.

Using a Linux VPS, you have wide variety of options and advantages such as flexibility, increased security, ease of use, stability, and improved reliability at a lower total cost of ownership. You can also modify the environment of your Linux VPS to your required performance. Overall, if you are a newbie run a personal blog dedicated to your interests, or a professional developer working for a company, Linux VPS is a good solution for you. It can help you in site growth and definitely will bring your site a heavy traffic. Linux VPS has the great number of features and advantages. Also it has a lot of use cases that some of them are listed in the following list:

Linux VPS use cases

When you purchase a Linux VPS server subscription from a hosting provider, you can't cancel it any time. You only can request it not auto-renew for another term. This situation is very frustrating, so what can you do with purchase Linux VPS to be more productive in the meantime? Below are a few of Linux VPS use cases you can use:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Video Teleconference
  • Media Streaming
  • Collaborative File Sharing
  • Project Management
  • Social Networking
  • Server Security Hardening (including cPanel and Cloud servers)
  • Server Software Testing
  • Email Authentication Improvements
  • Game Server
  • Personal Cloud Storage
  • Home Surveillance
  • Home Automation
  • Home Movie Database
  • Remote Access

How to Find Cheap Linux VPS?

You may ask how to find cheap Linux VPS? You know, Linux is the most used operating system for all the right reasons. From the VPS hosting prospective, it offers the most easiest and convenient way to set up a server. Using one of the Linux VPS Plans provided by Routerhosting, you can easily configure a cheap Linux VPS hosting that provides you with the following features:

  • Enterprise SSD & Powerful Hardware
  • Instant set up
  • Using one account and managing multiple VPS
  • API access
  • Reinstall
  • Rescue Mode
  • VNC access
  • View Disk Usage
  • View Memory Usage
  • View Bandwidth Usage
  • View Graph & Statistics
  • Mount ISO Images
  • Set Reverse DNS
  • Set Main IP Address
  • Change Hostname
  • Change Root Password
  • Change VNC / Console Password
  • Edit Account Details

As you can see, Routerhosting offers you a cheap Linux VPS with good features. You can order this professional KVM VPS from all locations around the world.