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The Top 10 Online Business Directories

The online business directories are here to stay, and by now we know the importance of enlisting them online. There are many websites and directories where business can be listed out there. Apart from the known ones such as the Jasmine Directory, Alive Directory, Aviva Directory and BOTW we should understand what makes a site worthy so that it can get such honours.


It is a free tool for business which helps them to manage their presence online across Google for example through map searching. You can help customers to find a business through their local search by editing and verifying the business directory listing information. Listing Google business directory is free of charge unless you want to show up the ads.

Mainly the people that use the Google directory are typically the university or college educated and the Facebook users. Google is a huge directory; this is because many users go through the site. The Google search engine does perform over 3.5 billion searches on a daily basis.


Just in case you have been living in a hipster which is ageing or a cave with the trending technology of aversion, the best social networking website for you is Facebook. In Facebook, the users create profiles, uploads videos and photos, do send messages, and finally, they keep in touch with their friends, family and have a chance to follow their brand of business that is favorable to them. The companies also, on the other hand, do create business profiles which the users can be able to follow. On Facebook, you can advertise for free or add or claim a business listing page.

Posting a business on a site is free, the unique 117 million visitors from the US are more enough to claim or justify the business presence. The users here can be able to follow a company through posts or updates, and the customers can freely post their various reviews about their experience with any business present on the Facebook. It is simply because it is widely recognised and does have the most significant number of user base.


It is a portal Website, and their work is to incorporate search engine and website directory that is organised in a hierarchy of various categories. The local yahoo is the business directory of the website portion which is devoted to the listing of the business. Yahoo and Bing for some time they were teamed up as the Yahoo Bing Network part, but their agreement has now changed. Creating this kind of website is free. The primary listing should include your address, company's phone, store hours, website information as well as your services and products. The Yahoo business directory is mobile friendly; this is because it has a browser in the Google play store and App store.


It is an online service for networking where users can send and read long threads of messages, which is also known as tweets, the users can tweet their links, messages and images to those who follow them. They can also use the hashtags, and this is if they want to be easily found by that phrase or word. Twitter has more than 74.6 million unique visitors from the US and also opening a twitter account does not incur any charges. The information on twitter moves very fast; the business community needs to gain a sense of flexibility and immediacy when interacting on platforms such as this.


It is a social website for networking especially for the business community. The registered members can be able to link to the networks of many people who they know professionally. Recently it has become a number one lead for machine sales. Likely you have noticed that every person that has it usually asks for a demo to connect with you. Opening a LinkedIn account is free. This account is used mainly by those aged 18-24 and slightly more people who are aged 45-54. LinkedIn for the last six months has attracted 996.2 million visits, and approximately it is 166 million visits within a month. It is not necessary to be posting things on the LinkedIn platform as in the case of others, but it is excellent to make sure that the information on the business profile is always up to date.


It is a social network and a platform for sharing photos and videos. The users can take videos and pictures which they can share them either privately or publicly through the app. It is completely free to open an Instagram account. More women use Instagram more than men. The Instagram platform does have an appeal which is strong and is ideal for all businesses when fashioned to work for a business. Instagram is the perfect platform for products that are unique which can be showcased through a strong imaginary. The information on Instagram moves faster. The business should often post to ensure that the followers know that they are active and have passion about that community.


It is a search engine that is owned by Microsoft. This is where business owners can do the addition of listing on their business. Bing may be a good alternative for a business with a target maker, especially in the US. A business may have the best chance of standing out only because large volumes go through this site. It also can be true especially if the business decides to make payments per the link advertisement.


It is a real estate and a rental marketing pace that provides data and knowledge to the consumers so that they can be able to find a home and connects them with the local agents who can help them. This website provides value estimates of homes. The niche for the local business directory is a Zillow. The real estate agents may want to be aware of it or at least check out the directory. Zillow is a niche for listing sites which are specific for the agents of the real estate, the property managers and also the homeowners who may want to list their homes.