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The benefits of employee recognition awards

Recognition is generally treated as a form of reward. In general, we could think of the existence of two basic types of rewards that the organization can use to motivate people and generate a good performance. The first is money. Undoubtedly, retribution in its different forms plays an extremely important role in strengthening the commitment of the individual, especially when applied following scientifically contrasted models. The second type of reward is non-economic recognition.

Studies show that employee recognition award has the following benefits:

1. It creates an impact on the meaning we give to our work.

2. It is one of the sources that organizations have to involve and engage their employees.

3. It plays a key role in organizational change, in what we call organizational learning, and also in individual learning in the workplace.

4. And as expected, it also impacts the satisfaction of the worker and, therefore, the productivity and performance of the organization.

5. Its absence constitutes the second factor of psychosocial risk at work since it influences our ability to manage stress and professionally complicated situations.

All at a very affordable cost. Most experts agree that the development of recognition practices is simple, highly available and profitable in economic terms; that is, it can be easy to do and have a more economical distribution: there is simply no excuse for not doing so.

Examples of recognition awards

Recognition awards value the outstanding behavior of employees and/or colleagues. A prize can be a certificate detailing exceptional behavior, or it can be a plaque award. It can also be accompanied by an amount of money, such as a gift card. Many types of values or achievements can be recognized.

Outstanding career prize

A reward for the outstanding career can be awarded for any type of achievement. This recognizes the leadership skills in the individual or the recognition of a specific achievement, such as a completed project. When creating a prize, it includes the position of the recipient, its title or affiliation with the institution or company, and the achievement.

Award for excellent customer service

The excellent service to customers is another example of a recognition award. This award can be given to someone who exemplifies consistent and extraordinary customer service skills. The award can be based on nominations received from peers, comment reports or clients.

Award for excellence and teamwork

A prize for excellence and teamwork can be given to an individual or a group of people. It can be delivered to recognize positive contributions from an individual or a group of people for having achieved a common goal or task. This type of award helps to emphasize the importance of teamwork.

Prize for Antiquity

An award for seniority can be given to employees who have been with the company for a long period of time. The specifications for this type of award are set by the company and are, in general, delivered after a person has been in the company for more than five years.