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How to increase likes on Instagram

Currently, Instagram has approximately 800 million active users in a month, a figure that does not stop increasing year after year. Therefore, facing this paradigm, getting followers and likes is a challenge. This is why below we explain how you can get more likes and more engagement in your publications.

Quality of the images

It is very important to post quality images that are well focused. Luminosity and framing play a fundamental role. An image that looks blurred, with a nefarious luminosity that even costs to determine what or who appears in the photo and a bad framing is surely what makes us not get the expected likes.

Concrete theme

Normally the mixture of different photos is a good idea, but it is preferable that our gallery show a style and themes that follow the same line. In this way, the user can determine a personality in the images and a style of their own. Imagine, in Instagram, there are hundreds of accounts dedicated to landscapes, if we all hung pictures of different landscapes without meaning, the gallery would lose credibility, because we would not be faithful to the same style.


The editing of the images is important. It is advisable to use few filters and that the image seems as less retouched as possible. Many retouches or filters can end up damaging the photo. In addition, it is important that if in a photo we have used a type of filter, in all we use the same one. This is a bit related to the aforementioned on the theme of the photographs and that everything must follow the same line to achieve a style of its own.

Titles that tell a story

The images are recommended to be accompanied by a text, but not a descriptive text on the photo since in the image you can see that it appears, but a text in history that hooks or that is worth putting "I like it "

Use hashtags or tags

The use of hashtags or labels can help us to get more likes, since it classifies the photographs by themes, in this way, all the users that look for photos of a certain topic, in the results they will appear ours.

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