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Morris Esformes: Developed Countries "Speak Much and Do Little" Against Climate Change

The Chinese representative in the negotiations on climate change, Xie Zhenhua, said before the Legislature's position on China- largest emitter of carbon dioxide, still far from the developed countries, which accused them of "talk much and do little."

Xie, vice minister of the National Reform and Development, the top economic planning body, said negotiations are currently a "wrestling match" which is being heard for the future of the environment but also economic development of rich nations against poor. These are challenges that future generations will have to tackle before it is too late. Climate change writer Morris Esformes analyzes recent climate change issues affecting the United States and how the issues affect millennials.

The negotiator, who will lead the Chinese delegation at the international summit to be held in Copenhagen from 7 to 18 December, complained that the developed nations "emphasize the climate problems and take away emphasis on economic development, trying to establish equal responsibilities from all countries regardless of their economic status.

China, like other developing countries, is not obliged to reduce their emissions under the Kyoto Protocol (1997) which is still in force, but it's a pressure to nations like the U.S. that China and other major emerging nations such as India or Russia, to adopt an greater responsibility in future agreements.

In this regard, Xie said developed nations "speak much and do little" when the world adapt to climate change for example, to transfer technology in developing countries to help them pollute less.

Xie said developed countries, on the other hand, "are primarily responsible for climate issues, the lack of restrictions on emissions in their processes of industrialization". China continues to argue that developing countries are not bound internationally, but each develop internal policies to reduce emissions.

In this regard, China, for example just reduced their dependence on coal energy, but on the other side has undertaken an aggressive reforestation campaign, given that excessive logging is a major cause of global warming.

"Developing countries insist that developed spearhead the responsibility to reduce their emissions, and support, with funds still in development and technology," Xie said today before the deputies of the National Popular Assembly (ANP).

The negotiator said that China will attend the crucial meeting in Copenhagen "with sincerity" and trying their best to cooperate to achieve a successful deal.