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A quick guide to free WordPress themes

There is an infinity of free themes on the Internet that we can use on our websites. Just do a Google search ( free WordPress themes, free WordPress templates or any other related term ) and you will have access to many excellent options.

What are the free themes?

As the name says, they are templates or WordPress themes that can be downloaded for immediate use and without the need to invest or spend money. Many developers create free templates by hobby, to promote themselves or simply to offer their work and make themselves known.

Some more professionals such as Woothemes offer free themes such as promotion and offer to their clients or prospects.

Are free themes a good option?

It may be that it is, and it may also be that it does not. There are many free high-quality WordPress themes that work perfectly and fulfill the basic functions required for a Webmaster.

However, there is always the risk of choosing a template with malicious code, poorly developed, vulnerable in terms of security, with many limitations in terms of customization and design and / or with many other possible failures.

In summary, using a free theme can be a good option depending on the type of website that is going to be created and the needs that you have, but there is always the risk of having security problems, personalization, and other things.

Advantages of Using a Free Theme

Let's see what are some advantages of using this type of WordPress templates:

They are for free! - This is undoubtedly the most important benefit. No economic investment is required, something that is always appreciated, especially when there is a limited budget.

Variety - Searching on Google you can find hundreds of free WordPress themes of different types, styles, colors, and shapes. A whole design library just a few clicks!

Immediate start - If you do not have money to invest in a premium theme, the free WordPress themes are a great way to start with any project and not stagnate in the stage of choosing the design for the financial barrier.

Community support - The most popular free themes may have the support and help of users or the same developer. There are also many WordPress forums where you can ask anything and many users will be willing to respond with solutions.

Disadvantages of Using Free Themes in WordPress

Badly programmed - Many free themes are developed without much care and without quality as a priority, that is why they can have many flaws and problems in their code.

Little originality and personalization - When using them, it is possible that hundreds of other users already have that same theme in their WordPress installation. It is also very common to find almost no options to customize the theme to different tastes in terms of aesthetics and structure.

Without support - The premium themes, being a paid product, include technical support and help for the installation and administration of the templates. However, the free ones rarely offer this service. Something that must be taken into account.

Vulnerability - The fact that they are not a professional product and are not made with quality makes them vulnerable to attacks, viruses or being hacked.

No updates - One of the wonders of WordPress are the updates and the best constants that are made to the platform, plugins, and themes. However, in free themes, we rarely see that developers are concerned about updating their designs and templates.