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8 Tips to keep your home safe when you're on vacation

When we leave home for a few days, that's when we have a thousand things to do and prepare. We must think about everything and we wonder what we have to do to leave the house ready in our absence.

There are two very important aspects to keep in mind: How we leave the house ready with respect to plants and flowers, the refrigerator, the water heater and other household appliances of the house, and on the other hand, how we leave the house ready for safety, that is, how we protect ourselves from thieves.

How to prepare house plants?

The flowers and plants need sunlight and you have to leave them in a suitable place for it, such as on a balcony, on a terrace, in a patio of lights or simply in the garden. To solve the issue of water, the simplest option is the trick of the bottle: You take a plastic bottle, make a hole in the cap, fill it with water and put it face down in the potting soil. In this way, the plant will have moisture for a few days.

How to leave the kitchen refrigerator?

When you go on vacation it is the ideal time to set up the fridge. A good cleaning will prevent bad odors and bacteria, and if you leave it empty during these days you can leave it disconnected, which in our opinion is the most appropriate and sensible. An important thing is not to completely close the refrigerator doors, so you avoid fungi and bacteria from forming due to moisture.

Also, turn off the water heater when going vacation. In this way, you will reduce the expenditure on electricity and save money. Short circuit accidents are also prevented; therefore you will be protected in case of a voltage drop, a thunderstorm or any other situation that could damage them in your absence.

How do we stop the passage of water and gas?

The way to be 100% safe and stay calm is to close the stopcocks of the water and gas at the entrance of your house or your apartment. Closing the general water tap can help avoid consumption spikes, or most importantly, prevent flooding inside the home and affect the neighbors. The same happens with the gas key, if you close the entrance to the house, you avoid problems due to a possible leak or breakdown in the service.

Don't forget to empty all the garbage cans

The garbage can and all food scraps must be removed to avoid surprises when returning from vacation.

How do I protect myself from thieves if I go on vacation?

The best time for thieves, without a doubt, is summer. Thieves know perfectly well that during vacations they increase the chances of finding empty houses. It is important to take some precautions when it comes to security: leave a light on, so as not to give the impression that the house is completely closed, do not hide a spare emergency key, or leave no message That says you're out on vacation through your email accounts or social networks.

Close all locked doors

Locking the doors tightly and leaving all windows closed when you leave home helps you gain security. One point to keep in mind, if you have not taken these security measures, is the theft cover in your home insurance policy, which would not respond and would not be charged if someone entered your home without forcing anything.

Do not disclose information about your vacation plans

It is extremely important to be very discreet and not disclose any details of your vacation: dates of departure and arrival, places you will visit, photographs during the trip or just the exact address of your address. You have to be careful with the conversations you have with your friends or acquaintances, messages in your email accounts or comments or photographs on social networks, since this information could reach someone unknown who could use it to know that you are not at home.

Be cautious with valuables and copies of hidden keys

Do not leave any valuables in sight. Money, jewelry, bank accounts, credit cards, and other valuables store them in a safe or take them to the home of a family member or friend.