The New Articulating Trucks And Their Engines

There are many advantages of buying a new articulating truck; some of the most important include increased productivity and reduced operating costs. The trend existing in the society today is to get higher production per man hour without increasing the costs for operation. According to Combilift trucks experts in the industry of industrial machines, exactly articulating forklift trucks can help you reach such goals.

Some modern makes of articulating trucks in order to meet the new emissions standards are equipped with new era engines. Such construction features allow them to deliver fuel efficiency and low maintenance costs. As a result owners of such articulating trucks get low ownership cost, which is definitely a very pleasant feature. Combilift articulating forklifts experts explain that SCR engines require having only the diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) tank topped off while the tank is being fueled. For people caring about the environment, these articulating trucks are perfect because the DEF technology is eco-benign, the price for such machines is far less than for diesel options and the overall application is very simple.

Some other articulating forklifts have other new generation engines that feature V-ACT (Advanced Combustion Technology). According to experts machines with such engines have over 5% more horsepower and actually up to 20% more torque than their older makes. New engines have absolutely new structure with variable geometry turbocharger and high-pressure fuel injection systems that can deliver much more efficient fuel burn and so significantly increase fuel efficiency. The turbocharger in articulating trucks provides quick engine response and also high torque at all engine speeds. Furthermore, such articulating trucks are equipped with crankcase ventilation system to create clearer environment in the industrial space.

New Technologies to Boost Productivity and Lower Costs

First of all, experts decided to share information about the Automatic Traction Control (ATC) system. They explain that this new standard control feature was created to provide a seamless transition between the 6x6 and 6x4. It means that fuel consumption in your new articulating trucks is reduced up to 6%. Moreover, with ATC system you will be able to extend tire life by 10% and also protect the whole driveline from any unnecessary wear or damages.

Another new technology frequently used in articulating trucks is Komatsu Traction Control System (KTCS). It was created to improve operation features of the forklifts in soft ground conditions. The system used automatically applies the inter-axle lock once the ground conditions cause any difference in axle speeds. After you apply the KTCS system take a precise look at the individual wheel speed on the front and middle axle. In case you trucks had any difference in wheel speed from on the left and right axles, it will automatically influence on the faster wheel by braking it.

The important point to be made here is that new lift trucks are produced every year if not sooner, so all those new technologies can be found at better price if you look for Combilift used lift trucks and forklifts in Quebec. Don’t abandon the idea of implementing something new into your business if the budget is tight, just look for options.