Blue Unicorn

Engage with shoppers who walk into your establishments and capture the ‘elusive’ customer “I-want-to” Moments.

Blue Unicorn’s mission is to disrupt the in-store marketing game. In today’s world, reaching your customers across all media and channels, with the right message at the right time is vital to delivering the best customer experiences. And with more than 70% of the people checking their phones when they are in a brick-and-mortar establishment, it is a powerful marketing platform to reach customers where they are most likely to be engaged.  Blue Unicorn helps business owners tap into this “I-want-to-buy” moments.

Is there a better way to market to consumers in-store? Tech startup Blue Unicorn thinks so. It’s CEO Anup Deshmukh explains.

“Marketers are spending all this money on brand messaging along the entire consumer experience journey from discovery," said Anup Deshmukh, chief executive officer and founder of Blue Unicorn. "You build up all this brand equity, but when customers walk into the store they see ‘buy one, get one free’.” Brand messages are not being delivered at the point where consumers have the will and intent to purchase, he added. Deshmukh and the team at Mumbai-based Blue Unicorn, are on a mission to change the way in-store advertising is delivered to shoppers with the company's mobile app. An offline-to-online solution that comprises coupon and information delivery system via a mobile app displays strategic information/value deals/coupons in and around retail stores, the platform is garnering intriguing results. Brands have long struggled to engage with consumers at scale at the point of purchase, a problem Deshmukh believes the platform it is building will soon solve.

The company said its solution “goes beyond” simple consumer engagement, delivering what it calls “Moments of Joy” or 'MoJos', as its definition of engagement.

This means short, familiar and bite-sized interactive messages, which take place a few feet away from the store shelf, right when consumers are ready, willing and able to make purchasing decisions. The experience extends to mobile, where they can redeem rewards, collect loyalty points or link to the brand social networks. MoJos are built around the reasons to believe in the advertised product, making it the hero and bringing consumers into the heart of the brand story.

It Works

Because you can measure blue unicorn in real-time, it delivers actionable metrics. (e.g. Heat Map, Performance, Survey Stats, etc.)

Power of MoJos delivers results (based on real numbers from singapore)

Annual Per Store Moments of Joy*: 104,000

Satisfaction Rate: 93%

Sales Uplift: 1.3 – 3.2x

Click Through Rates (CTR): 8.4%

Increase in Key Brand Metrics: +70%

Share of players who extend to social media: 12.1%

100% Human. 100% Focus. 0% Bots!

Traditional media struggles with lack of reliable metrics and a fragmented audience that is ever harder to reach with unfocused consumers that become oblivious to messaging as they multi-task. Digital media suffers from fraud-click, questionable viewability and overwhelming rejection from consumers who see the vast majority of advertising as a pollution. Optimising 0.1% click through rates is hardly a sustainable solution. Deshmukh creates a destination that real human beings actively seek out. Our 10+% Click through rates, 80+% completion rates, average 1 minute of engagement time on each experience and 96% satisfaction rates attest.