Bruce Connors

Bruce Connors’ Fitness Center is Aimed at Promoting Combat Sports

Bruce Connors is an MMA fighter who has excellent fighting skills. He has competed in a wide range of championships, and demonstrated his excellence in the skills like striking, defense, and strength and conditioning. He did 10 years of training in MMA, and learned how to make proper use of kicking, punching, elbow striking, and other techniques.

He loves teaching others what he masters in. He has trained a wide range of MMA fighters who have emerged as shining stars in the mixed martial arts. To realistic his dream of promoting MMA among youngsters, he established a fitness center - White House Brazilian Jiu Jitsu/FRBJJ. He opened this center with his friend, and it operates in St. Cloud and Orlando. The center provides the best quality training for combat sports. They have a variety of fitness programs designed for people of all types – beginners, intermediate, and experts.

Bruce Connors’ fitness center provides comprehensive training for various sports - MMA, BJJ, Boxing, Mua Thai, Wrestling, Judo, and Conditioning. They have a team of skilled trainers who have been in combat sports training for many years, and know what it takes to make people learn even the most difficult moves. Their well-designed programs and friendly behavior make it easy for the practitioners to take their defense and physical fitness to the next level. They help people to learn different techniques and achieve challenging goals in an entertaining, fun-filled environment.

Practice is the key to success, and it is advisable to practice hard to learn things efficiently. Thus, personal trainers at Bruce Connors’ fitness center advise learners to keep on practicing to develop new skills and improve the existing ones. According to them, kicking, punching, striking, etc. are the skills that one can’t learn over night, and these require months of practice.

The main motive of White House Brazilian Jiu Jitsu/FRBJJ is to promote combat sports. They believe that combat sports are the best activities for young people to build physical fitness and character.

Those who want to contact Bruce can call at 4073611641 or email at