Mass Produce Your Artwork With Giclee Printing Technology

Creativity is a magic and definitely, your art deserves a sharp print color-accuracy. To make the print last for lifetime, artists and photographers worldwide are using Giclee print. The word ‘Giclee’ has become a buzz in the fine art printing industry and undoubtedly it has set standards in terms of quality. Giclee print has proved beneficial for photographers and others to resize and mass produce their artwork and sell it for commercial purpose. It’s basically an advanced printing method that ensures quality printing, truly indistinguishable from the original masterpiece.

Though photo quality inkjet printers can offer you good results, however, the quality simply cannot be matched with Giclee. You can get an idea from the printer itself. There are four inks in a photo printer ‘CMYK’ (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) whereas in Giclee printing, the printer has nine different color inks. The pigment based inks ensure longer life span of an art. Furthermore, the Giclee printers have the efficiency to produce work in a larger format with the ability to hold a dozen cartridges to produce detailed work.

In Giclee print, paper quality also matters a lot. There is a plethora of choices to fulfill your dream of achieving quality. In terms of paper, there are two distinct groupings which include matte paper and photo papers. The first category of paper i.e. the matte paper is based on either alpha cellulose or cotton rag fibre which is also known as cotton paper. The look and feel of such papers is supreme and features a matte texture. The photo papers are resin coated and have the ability to produce blacker blacks and much contrast prints. The papers used in Giclee print have ultra-smooth surface texture and they guarantee supreme quality to meet the standards of photographers and artists.

In the present world, Giclee printing has become an advanced and world’s best printing medium for collectors, artists, galleries, and museums. By merging traditional fine art print media with digital printers, the technology has blessed artists with a modern way to mass produce their craft which was unavailable in earlier times. It produces similar like the original art, even if the size differs. This is the main reason why Giclee has become a favorite of all artists and photographers today.

Your art deserves quality and Giclee ensures that. By accurately reproducing paintings, drawings, prints, and photographs, the printing method gives your craft a new image, exactly the same as the original. So, pick the newer method of printing (i.e. Giclee) and mass produce your masterpieces effectively.