A Very Special Fun: What's Happening with your Body while Jumping on the Rebounder.

A Very Special Fun: What's Happening with your Body while Jumping on the Rebounder.

For some reason and in vain the trampolines cause associations only with children or idle time of parties. But some of them like Needak Rebounder where designed for a totally different purpose.

But this incredible invention has plenty of positive benefits. The positive emotions that we experience when jumping on the Rebounder contribute to the smoothing of the negative experiences after the stressful situations in our lives and lead to decreasing an emotional tension. We can experience this through the substances that are thrown into the blood at the moment of a short flight of our body. Although the doses of these substances are very minimal, they have a significant positive impact on the state of our body. As you know the balance of emotional state of every person is very important.

The initial stage of emotional excitement at the moment of the first jump brings the first portion of the adrenaline into the blood circulatory system: the heart rate increases, the depth of breathing increases, and more oxygen penetrate the brain. You start feeling that "tickling" feeling of the flight.

Therefore, it's just a first benefit of having this particular valuable thing like Needak Rebounder. Have it at your house backyard - just imagine starting your day breathing a clean air, smell a pleasant morning breeze and listen the birds singing making your morning jumps on the Rebounder. Can you feel it? Ok, following an adrenaline, the next hormone endorphin is also releasing. It is exactly that magic hormone which brings us the feeling of bliss, happiness, with pleasant warmth inside.

In fact, this is a "permitted" drug that is independently isolating by the human body at certain moments. It is so easy to cope with the state of apathy and cheer yourself up. Jumping on the Rebounder helps in the artificial creation and generation of positive emotions.

You can jump at home only for 10-15 minutes per day at your mini trampoline and get the same effect, like if you would spend half an hour on the treadmill. For this reason, 10 minutes of jumping on the trampoline are equal in efficiency to 30 minutes of jogging.