Finally, Wyoming gets its own Business Journal; Locally owned, 'Bootstrapped' will provide a modern mix of business news, thought-leadership and lifestyle in the Cowboy State

(Lander, Wyo.) — Pitchengine, Wyoming's new dominate media outlet with the largest and most engaged audience in the state, announced their latest endeavor, Bootstrapped , a new statewide business journal focused on what makes Wyoming businesses unique and different — economy, work-ethic and lifestyle. Bootstrapped will leverage business news from a growing network of Community News Streams around the state as well as have it's own unique content published from Pitchengine's headquarters in Lander. "We're champions of business here, we always have been," explained Pitchengine Founder and CEO, Jason Kintzler. "As business people ourselves, we were consistently surprised at how the existing, Colorado-based business publication in Wyoming was just so "unrelatable" to what we were seeing around us, especially politically," he said. [image: theboots.png] Kintzler, who authored "The New American Startup" in 2012, said business people in Wyoming are unlike any he's met. "Doing business in Wyoming is as much about lifestyle as it is anything else. People start here, they don't move here. That's a big distinction," he said. Kintzler said his team is enthusiastic about Bootstrapped because he and his team "live, eat, and breath this stuff" everyday. "We're excited to see where this goes," he added. Businesses looking to be involved with Bootstrapped can do so by contacting Pitchengine directly at . Pitchengine Communities is a product of Pitchengine , the company that pioneered marketing and PR software form more than 50,000 businesses and brands starting in 2009. Today, Pitchengine Communities account for 5 Million pageviews per month and feature News Streams in 8 Wyoming Communities including Casper's Oil City, Riverton/Lander's County 10, Cody/Powell's Reboot, Cheyenne's Shortgo, Sheridan's Dally, Jackson's Buckrail, Gillette's County 17 and Thermopolis' Spring City. #bootstrapped