Wyoming Road Warrior for work? Try this locally-developed free App

Do you have more time behind a windshield in Wyoming than a computer monitor? When you pull into any rest stop in the state, can you instantly translate that to driving time-to-your-home? When you hear terms like Togwotee Pass, Elk Mountain and South Pass, your grip tightens on an imagined steering wheel as you recall the weather conditions the last time you drove those routes? If you answered 'yes' to those questions, this app may be for you: WyoRoad Free and available on both Android and iOS , this useful app takes road condition information from WYDOT and brings that to a more convenient mobile format. You know, the format you're likely to use when you're in a vehicle or at a rest stop evaluating your drive. Bootstrapped reached out to the app's developer Lee Pepper to learn more about why he would invest his own personal time and energy into this project with no expectation for monetization: *Bootstrapped:* Why did you create this app? *Pepper:* The app was created to help keep drivers on the road safer without having to fumble on a website while they were driving. A one-button tap to see all the conditions around you with easy access and visibility of other routes. The app also has some beta features that read the current condition to you as you drive so that you do not have to physically look down at your phone (feature currently available on the Android version only). Safety is the main goal. *Bootstrapped:* What's the future for this app? *Pepper:* I'll continue to build out the app to keep it useful. Future features that I have floating around in my head are to provide more heads-up information (audio) as well as leverage information from the roads in summer, such as construction and other events that may impact drivers in Wyoming to take an alternate route. *Bootstrapped:* Geeking-out with you now, but what language did you choose to use in your development efforts for this app? *Pepper:* The application uses one code base for both the iOS and Android platforms. HTML/CSS/JS deployed by the Cordova framework. See: Got that? :) The good news is that you don't have to to benefit from the easy-to-use app. [image: Lee.jpg] (Photo: Developer Lee Pepper, with daughter Torrey) (Full Disclosure: Lee Pepper was previously employed at PitchEngine as Director of Software Development) #news #bootstrapped