First hospital to go Google in the US? Take a bow WMC

In 2011, Wyoming was the first state to go Google , moving all 10,000 state employees onto Google's platform of apps. The move was hailed as innovative and was projected by Governor Mead to save the state 1 million dollars annually on software costs associated with email, calendar and, document creation and management. Now, it's Wyoming Medical Center 's turn. The hospital is the first hospital in the nation to go Google . This isn't simply a play to save resources, although it is projected to save "6 figures...year after year", reported Information Technical Director Rob Pettigrew on his blog post hosted by Google. Pettigrew adds, "Now clinicians in remote areas can get advice from specialists, such as our neurosurgeons and cardiologists, helping us spread the wealth of expertise across the state." "1,219 staff members and 233 partner physicians to provide exceptional care. The IT team can now focus on maintaining and improving nearly 200 clinical applications that support services such as cardiology and neurological specialties, instead of worrying about email maintenance." #bootstrapped #oilcity #news #wmc