Have FAA rule changes doomed your nearby Wyoming airport?

Bootstrapped recently reached out to airports across Wyoming to collect enplanement data (flight boardings by passenger) by location for the past three years, spanning one year prior and two years post the FAA's 1500 hour rule change . The results are dramatic. The following graphic provides a visual of that data giving us a glimpse of the relative health of Wyoming airports. Usage of runways for commercial air travel from Cheyenne, Riverton, Sheridan and Worland show dramatic declines in traffic of over 50% from the previous year. [image: Airport Enplanements Wyoming 2013 14 15 Pitchengine.png] The rule change requiring right seat pilots to have 1,500 flight hours (rather than 250, as in the past) greatly impacted the regional air carriers. A pilot shortage resulted. Most pilots with 1,500 hours fled to the major carriers leaving the regional carriers across the nation without enough qualified pilots. The result: Cancellations and even the loss of commercial service at some airports. Flying regional carriers with at least 250 hours, a co-pilot was able to build up his/her hours to get to the 1,500 hour level. This led to the loss of airline service at Cheyenne (i.e., American Airlines flights Dallas) and Sheridan (Great Lakes pulled out completely) and at Riverton (major runway reconstruction and flight cancellations). Riverton's airport still has commercial air service because of the essential air service program at Worland, where Great Lakes Airline is obligated to fly. Great Lakes added Riverton to that Worland flight for additional passenger revenue. Great Lakes Airline has been flying only 9-passenger aircraft for most of last year and into 2016 into Riverton, creating a significant decline in passenger numbers. [image: Airport Enplanement Matrix Pitchengine.png] Notably: Jackson's airport represents over 60% of all enplanement traffic volume for Wyoming in 2015: [image: Airport Enplanement %.png] *Data Source*: 2013/2014 data CY 2014 ACAIS , 2015 data reported by individual airports. #bootstrapped #news #shortgo #reboot #oilcity #county10 #buckrail #springcity #county17 #dally #business