Is your business asking for Facebook 'likes'? Oops!

Facebook announced today that it's rolling out an update to it's software designed to modify what it shows users in their news feeds. This most recent change is designed to cut down on the posts that employ common ' clickbaiting ' techniques to drive click thrus to content, usually with the expectation of driving web traffic to generate advertising revenue. This is part of an ongoing Facebook effort (see news feed algorhithm definition, a.k.a. Edgerank) to optimize content in users news feeds for relevance. However, many businesses and organizations use Facebook business pages to share content; engage in conversation with their communities, and; drive traffic to their sites or other landing pages. Outright asking readers for that engagement in a post (e.g., "*Like* this post for a chance to win") will likely get punished going forward, as Facebook sees that content as artificially promoting page views. Facebook will further limit who sees posted content on it's platform if it contains solicitations to 'like', 'comment' or 'share' the post. Brands and organizations managing their Facebook pages should take note or risk a drop in engagement. Read Facebook's full announcement here . #bootstrapped #news