Wyoming State Chamber of Commerce has announced its support for Medicaid Expansion

The Wyoming State Chamber of Commerce, in a document detailing its 2016 legislative positions released yesterday, says it supports Medicaid Expansion. “We support expanding Medicaid to help community hospitals with uncompensated care, to provide coverage for nearly 20,000 Wyoming residents and to assist with the current budget deficit,” the release read. The release went on to say expansion of Medicaid would protect struggling rural hospitals, by reducing the amount of uncompensated care those facilities are asked to provide. It added that 30 states plus Washington DC, have already expanded Medicaid and most are already seeing substantial savings in their state budgets. Data from Kentucky and Arkansas show more than $1 billion in savings from those two states alone. The Wyoming State Legislature’s Joint Appropriations Committee has stripped Medicaid Expansion from the state’s budget proposal, but there is a likelihood that expansion returns in the form of either a budget amendment or a standalone bill during the state’s Legislative sessions, which begins next week. Medicaid expansion in Wyoming would provide healthcare coverage to nearly 20,000 Wyomingites and bring an estimated $268 million of Wyoming’s tax dollars back to the state. The Wyoming State Chamber of Commerce is an association of state chamber of commerce members who work to improve communication between Wyoming’s businesses and lawmakers. [image: 0.png] #bootstrapped #shortgo #news