Where do Pitchengine Community Mavens tap into Wi-Fi?

Mavens are a highly productive and mobile lot. They live, work and move in and amongst you. They also put themselves out there to plug into and share the stories of the community. Publishing all of this content on-the-fly requires solid Wi-Fi. Each Maven has their own favorite local haunts. So, we reached out to get and share their 3 most frequented. Big thanks to these locations and businesses for their contributions to "community". Here's a little link-love from your friends at Pitchengine. Let's sneak-a-peak into #MavenLife: *1) Buckrail - Jackson* - Cowboy Coffee : This place is my go-to for interviews, meetings and coffee anytime. Cowboy Coffee is a busy coffee shop, but I can always find somewhere to sit and plug in my computer. It is also of who’s who of Jackson and I often find stories by just working there for a few hours and meeting new people. - Picnic : Need some lunch? This is where I head for some mid-day nourishment and some article writing. This place will be key this summer when I will want to avoid the tourist crowds downtown Jackson. - General Store, Teton Village : If I have stories, need photos or are attending events in Teton Village, I always stop for a cup of coffee at the General Store and sit outside to use the JHMR internet. [image: IMG_0523 (1).jpg] *2) Basin Reboot - Cody/Powell & the Basin* - Gestalt Studios : Great soup, coffee and hand pies. My mornings start here almost everyday. Amazing art space as well that keeps creative juices flowing. - Cody Branch of the Park County Library : A gorgeous Carnegie founded Library that includes the Biblio Bistro and fire place along with some nice free Wi-Fi - Rawhide Coffee Company : Great Coffee and awesome staff, Dapper Dan lattes available which, yes, is very important to Mavening. [image: IMG_0462.JPG] *3) County 10 - Fremont County* - Brown Sugar Coffee Roastery : Excellent WiFi signal, great coffee and loose teas. Their coffee is roasted in-house and is the best in town. Great music on all the time, lots of friendly people always stopping in, and wonderful natural light. - Daylight Donuts : The staff is always welcoming, they have a County10 sticker on their front door, and the occasional donut is delicious! - The Cove Restaurant : Jodie and her staff are super friendly, the coffee is always hot with a bottomless cup, and it's a great place for a working lunch. [image: IMG_6549.JPG] *4) Dally - Sheridan* - Sheridan County Fulmer Library - The library has this great mezzanine above the main floor. There are lovely rotating exhibits featuring local artists, state history and more to look at, and you can get a lot of work done and still feel like you are in the middle of the action. - Whitney Commons - In summer, this park is hoppin'. There are outdoor fountains and a splash pad for kids to play in, a playground and a big lawn. To have wifi in a park like this is great! - Java Moon - This little cafe is so sweet. It's kind of a downtown staple. You can have business meetings, meet friends and more here. If you go in alone to work, you are sure to run into someone with a great story or idea to share. [image: image1 (1).JPG] *5) Oil City - Casper* - Metro Coffee Company : Best Wi-Fi. Good coffee and great people. - Natrona County Public Library : Free Wi-Fi quiet and homey. - McDonald's (Eastside): Good vibes, free Wi-Fi on the Eastside of town close to many engaging Casper stories. [image: 20160205_124911.jpg] *6) County 17 - Gillette* - Brothers Coffee : Downtown Gillette has a lot of stuff to see and pretty good WiFi, but Brothers has an insanely long list of flavored mochas, which is basically how I manage to stay moving every day. They also have a pretty decently sized menu and gigantic breakfast burritos. - Campbell County Courthouse : I spend a lot of time here, and it's pretty much where everything happens in Gillette, so I'm glad I can sit down with my Chromebook and type out my notes instead of trying to decipher my notebook scribbles later in the day. - Humphrey's : I'd say it's a tie between how often I sit here and work and sit at the Public Library, but Humphrey's has southwest eggrolls, so they win out. Plus there's no telling who you're going to meet here on a given day. [image: 20160204_095153.jpg] *7) Shortgo - Cheyenne* - Paramount Cafe : Downtown Cheyenne. It's my favorite coffee shop in town! Built into what used to be the Paramount Theatre in 1920, it has a homey history to it. I love meeting people there to do interviews. You'll see business men and women, artists, and run into old friends there. - Laramie County Library : It's a nice quiet environment for me to work in, but also hosts a quaint coffee shop I like to sit in and enjoy the corner window view of the busy streets in downtown Cheyenne. - Starbucks on 21st and Central Ave.: - Cliche as all-get-out, but I do love Starbucks, and the people that come in there. I have a friend who's a barista there and she's constantly telling her customers about Shortgo. When I'm there, I try to meet at least one new person and spread the gospel. ....or her Pitchengine Shortgo car [image: Kim Maven.jpg] #bootstrapped #news