More advances made on Nichols Ranch uranium site

Energy Fuels Inc. announced this week that significant milestones have been achieved for the Nichols Ranch uranium in situ recover project. The site straddles both Johnson and Campbell counties about halfway between Kaycee and Wright, as the crow flies. EF says that it has completed the construction and licensing of the previously announced elution circuit at the Nichols Ranch ISR Plant as scheduled. The company has received final notice from the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission that uranium recovery operations involving elution, precipitation, filter press, and slurry processes are authorized to commence. Now that the elution circuit is completed and fully-licensed, Energy Fuels has 100% self-contained in situ recovery processing capabilities. EF is also increasing production at the Nichols Ranch Project on a controlled basis. Through ongoing well-field development and drilling, the Company is confirming – and in certain cases increasing – its level of confidence in the previously released uranium resource estimates. “Nichols Ranch continues to meet – and exceed – the high expectations we had when we acquired the project in June 2015," EF CEO and President Stephen P. Antony said. "Nichols Ranch is proving itself to be a reliable and scalable long-term U.S. uranium production center, which has large areas of high grade uranium resources that can be produced at an attractive cost." *3 Uranium minerals: Sklodowskite, Cuprosklodowskite and Guilleminite. Photo by MarcelClemens/shutterstock.* #bootstrapped #county17 #dally #news