Legislature considering another Medicaid expansion substitute

A Senate File that sets aside $20,000 to explore the creation of a new program that could serve Wyoming as a replacement to Medicaid expansion is about to hit the Senate floor. SF 86, if ultimately passed by both houses, would use $20,000 of general fund dollars for the "development of a design for a medical assistance program for people who cannot afford adequate health care." It also requires that in the creation of the program design that the management council would designate an entity to lead the charge and take input from stakeholders. The bill also expressly prohibits the request of federal Medicaid expansion dollars to be part of the program design. The proposed file has been approved by the Labor Committee and the Appropriations Committee. It was placed on the general file on Tuesday. The bill comes at the same time that a provision has been added to the proposed budget that would allow for the exploration of a state-funded health insurance. Read more about that potential on Bootstrapped . #bootstrapped #news