Jerry Blann of JHMR - Winner of the BIG WYO Award

Governor Mead addressed a full banquet hall at the 2016 Wyoming Governor’s Conference on Hospitality and Tourism. He took the opportunity to thank the people that comprise the industry on the work they did to grow tourism in Wyoming in 2015. Along with his rundown of the positive growth numbers--4.2% increase in visitors to 10.5 million--experienced in our tourism economy in 2015, the Governor added some humorous anecdotes regarding our great State's attractions and vibrant tourism industry, "There are fences around airport runways. In most states that's to keep the bad guys out. In our state that's to keep the wildlife out. We have a great state!" As part of this annual banquet, the Governor awarded this year’s BIG WYO Award to Jerry Blann, President of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, awarded to a 'private industry' person that has performed an outstanding job of promoting and improving Wyoming's tourism industry. *Feature Pic: Jerry Blann (left), Governor Matt Mead (right)* #bootstrapped #news