#WyoStrong: A New Series About Life After the Bust in Wyoming from Pitchengine Communities

If you're from Wyoming, and over 20 years old, you're no stranger to the boom and bust. But, this time, something is different. Across the state we're hearing from Government officials, industry veterans and oil field workers who share a similar sentiment, "This time, it's different." There are plenty of stories about the huge economic impact of the oil and gas downturn coupled with virtual shutdown of the coal industry. So, we wanted to take a different approach and see how Wyoming is rebounding — even in the smallest ways. Our new series, #WyoStrong, will chronicle the stories of your friends and neighbors, provide advice and insight to people who've been impacted by the economy and hopefully, inspire you to do something positive. The first story in the series comes from Gillette , perhaps the city that's been most affected. If you know of someone who is picking themselves up to inspire others, please let us know by dropping us a line at #bootstrapped #county10 #oilcity #county17 #reboot #dally #buckrail #springcity #shortgo #news #wyostrong