Jackson startup brings powerful branding to world's oldest product

(Jackson, Wyo) - In a world of carbon emissions and greenhouse gases, Nimbus Mayweather made it his mission to bring craft bottled air to the world. Introducing Jackson's latest and next successful startup: Wyoming Air Company . Every great company starts with a vision and a humble story of a risk-taking founder. Wyoming Air follows that same formula to success. For that reason, the brief video story of Nimbus Mayweather (below), is to be savored and shared: [video] A scroll through the company's expertly crafted website brings the experience of breathing artisanal quality air to life. "When Nimbus first approached us with his vision for branded air the gravity of capturing its essence with a brand weighed heavily on us. Afterall, 7 billion people currently and happily consume a generic," recounts Timbr's Brian Modena, Parter for the creative agency responsible for the branding and marketing of Wyoming Air. "But, when we saw the passion that he put into each bottle, the inspiration seemed to materialize...well, out of thin air." [image: hammer.jpg] As with all powerful brands, you'd expect to see a full collection of branded gear, and WAC is no exception. These products are currently available for purchase exclusively on the company's website . [image: Schwag WAC.png] If you wish to be among the first passionate brand aficionados for branded air, you can follow Wyoming Air on their various social platforms: Youtube Facebook Twitter Instagram Nimbus Mayweather may not have invented air, but with the assistance of Jackson creative agency Timbr, he's found a way to bottle this precious resource and bring it directly to you. [image: nimbus-quote.jpg] #bootstrapped #news #timbr