Wyoming Steps Up to Provide Resources to Those Impacted By Energy Layoffs - #WyoStrong

Wyoming has created a job pipeline to help energy sector workers who have lost their jobs connect with employers. The web application will let workers complete an online form that connects them with employers. The service is available on the Wyoming Department of Transportation, University of Wyoming, Wyoming School Facilities Department, Wyoming Department of Workforce Services, Wyoming Capitol Square Project or Department of Administration and Information websites. Employers can access the information through the Wyoming Contractors Association, Wyoming Truckers Association or Wyoming Construction Coalition. “This is an excellent way for employees to link up with jobs in the construction community,” said Bill Panos, director of the Wyoming Department of Transportation. The service is an additional way to help the more than 2,400 displaced workers. It is one of several ways the private employers and state agencies are working to help those who have been laid off. Private companies and more than a dozen state agencies are offering other services including resource centers, direct recruitment opportunities, small business support and other job-placement efforts. The electronic form submits basic contact information – name, address, phone number and email address – for workers. Employees can enter their experience in: heavy equipment operation, truck driving, mechanic, maintenance/labor, carpenter, electrician, ironworker, mason, mobile crane operator, pipefitter, plumber, sheet metal worker, welder, insulator, concrete finisher, HVAC, truck driving – CDL or other. “It takes about five minutes to complete, and your information will be available to employers across the state,” Panos said. Employers can search for a worker based on knowledge and experience, by city or they can view all results. Currently, more than 200 contractors and trucking companies may be hiring. Employers that find a match will have access to worker contact information and can make a direct contact. #bootstrapped #news #county10 #county17 #wyostrong #oilcity #reboot #shortgo #dally #springcity #buckrail