Wyoming Techology: Could you be in a $65,000 per year job in 6 months?

Eric Trowbridge thinks so. He's booting up Wyoming's first private technology and design school this Fall. Trowbridge has soft launched Array , Inc. in Cheyenne. Bootstrapped caught up with the energetic and positive Trowbridge to get a better understanding of his vision for Array and it's graduates. "Array will offer an intense 6 month Full Stack Web Development course covering everything from HTML, Command Line, Version Control, CSS, Javascript, Ruby on Rails, and a whole lot more," according to their site . Trowbridge added, "The curriculum isn't being offered anywhere else in Wyoming." "This could be a huge economic stimulus for Wyoming and has the potential to create a lot of jobs and assist with skills needed for starting new businesses," shared Trowbridge. [image: Trowbridge.png] With a background that includes living in California working in the tech industry (Apple - 8 1/2 years); starting a video game company, and; researching how other coding schools nationally are structured, Trowbridge saw an opportunity for Wyoming to grow these skill sets locally. He punctuated it with the observation: "In 2010 there were only 3 Computer Science majors that graduated from the University of Wyoming." He's formed a Board that includes 7 individuals involved with business in Wyoming, some in the Wyoming tech space. He says that the response has been fantastic and area organizations such as Greenhouse Data, NCAR, Cheyenne LEADS, the local Chamber and Gannett Peak have been very supportive of the initiative. *Who should consider Array?* "Character: Learning agility (on-the-fly) is the most important thing. There will be a good vetting process to determine if someone has a passion to learn computer science. The interview process will be very important. I'll recommend that candidates considering this go on to and spend a day or two working with their Ruby or HTML lessons to see if this is something they really want to do." Similarly structured schools range from $17,500 to $25,000 in Colorado. Trowbridge said that the cost will be $15,000 for a 6 month intensive course. "We've formed the Array Foundation to seek funding assistance for students." Through grants and other funding sources Trowbridge will work toward having the non-profit Foundation offseting some of these costs for future students. The first session, beginning in October, 2016, will have 10 students and be taught solely by Trowbridge. The belief is that a graduate from Array could be employed as a Jr. Engineer in Wyoming earning $65,000 per year. [image: array.png] *You'll be the sole instructor to start?* Yes. #bootstrapped #county10 #county17 #reboot #shortgo #springcity #oilcity #buckrail #dally #news