Wyoming improves state government transparency

According to the U.S. Public Interest Research Group Education Fund​​ online transparency of Wyoming state government continues to improve. Wyoming was recognized in this report for one of the five "most improved" state transparency websites.​ ​This review resulted in an improvement in Wyoming’s score to a "C" from a "C-" without ​additional cost to the state​. ​According to Director Dean Fausset of the Wyoming Department of Administration & Information, "​This is particularly significant since PIRG raises the bar every year. Wyoming would have received a D or worse if several elements of the transparency site had not been brought up to date during the review process.​​" Wyoming's score improved from an "F" to a "C-" in 2014 as a result of ​earlier ​initiatives by the State Auditor and ​A&I's Budget Division. ​​ #bootstrapped #news